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Life is Musical

Arunendu Saha


Life is Musical

Few basics

EVERYTHING we see and feel as physical objects like our body, sound, colours, feelings, oxygen, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc.  exist as a result of energy or what science refers to as Quanta which exist as vibrating energy packets. The outcomes or effects of both the physical and the non physical are determined by and construct of the varying vibrational output of these sub atomic particles. In simple terms the only thing that determines the difference between let’s say water and the chair we are sitting in, is the varying vibrational intensity’s of the energy which makes them up.

Any living being which has the ability and power to think & respond is actually an embodiment of powerful vibratory tuners comprising of Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs etc. which when resonates, determines the vibrational intensity of this emitted frequency which in turn determines what will attract us and be the experience in life.

Emotions like fear, apathy, grief, anger and anxiety emit a much different resonance or vibrational output than those emotions of love, joy, gratitude etc.

Seven tunes of harmonious Life

If we may visualise the Musical Tunes – Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha Ni or  Do Re, Mi , Fa, So , La , Ti as the seven primary resonating powers or qualities of life , then the Mind is a home to seven inborn Energy Qualities which every individual is embedded with at birth but with varying degree of flex & sensitivity moving which changes with progressive lifestyle. Each of these qualities similar to a tuner is highly sensitive and can be broadly represented as :


Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Bliss, Love, Energy, Happiness

Lets Play the Music ….

As mentioned, each of the above seven qualities are like energy bodies (Tuners) that are sensitive enough to resonate to an external matching energy received that mostly determines the Personality of a person or a being. Knowledge being the first step and once understood, grasped and internalized, the next step is beginning the process of consciously controlling the resonance that you project for the other frequencies in varying degrees like a musical note or music. Result – A Knowledgeable, Peaceful and loving personality that spreads Harmony all around ! A Personality trait is determined by the combination of this seven qualities !

How exactly does it happen?

Although there is some mental work and self discipline involved initially that needs to be practised diligently and finally forms a part of life and will soon discover based on what begins attracting into one’s  life. The long term rewards far outweigh the short term effort necessary to begin consciously and intentionally using the Law of Resonance to one’s benefit.

It is also needed to check through the present belief system often to understand the fact that  emotions are uncontrollable; this is absolutely untrue. Learning to consciously control emotions can be easily achieved once a basic understanding concerning how to achieve it is established. (The 5W + 1H process we Learn in our Management studies can be useful when applied effectively)!

One of the most powerful, practical and effective means that have been proven over the years and I have personally found for taking conscious control over my thoughts and emotions is best achieved through the art of meditation. It is a continuous & Sustainable process of capacity building for self once an individual chooses to act.

Unlike the challenges in the past, today’s lifestyle is much broader and information laden and thus we have more to deliver in a shorter span of time and obviously, the attention is lost for meditation ( Demand & Supply principle ). We keep cribbing that time is inadequate to practise meditation. However, I must mention that by prioritising our work and time ( Work – Life balance)  while being conscious of our thoughts, it is possible to meditate regularly. To get the taste of it, I assure that one will only climb to reach a balanced and higher state of mind!

Meditation has been scientifically proven to change the resonance of the human physiology enabling those that choose to practice it to experience an overall sense of peace, calm and well being and as a result effortlessly and automatically changing the resonance or vibrational frequency which an individual projects, thereby, providing much more desirable results which manifest in physical form.

Meditation, to put it simply, enables the practitioner to experience a profound sense of inner well being, joy, and what is referred to as Nirvana or experiencing a close personal interconnection with the Source, whatever you may perceive that Source to be.

To summarise, Humans and other beings comprises of following 3 basic Energy states that has profound impact on our mind to harmonise living –

  1. Power (Knowledge, Creativity, Vastness of mind to accommodate any situation, Seven innate powerful qualities in proportion that resonate at every moment while facing a situation or taking up an initiative or delivering peace & services )
  2. Energy ( the inbuilt strength that is a prime mover to enable and help to execute each of the Innate qualities or Power that is acquired or developed at any point in time)
  3. Process (without which no delivery can happen ie. for each of these Power and energy to reach the intended, a process needs to be followed)

The above PEP model is at the core of everything in Life. This model, needless to mention, is moving with TIME ie. we need to live in the Present, Learn from the past and never think of Future ! It is said that if our Present is right, Future will definitely be Good ! Its all about implementation of our thoughts ! About consciously Managing the smallest of Changes that we encounter everyday, it could be situational or within self !

A statement to reckon and be aware of every change that is encountered in Life –

“Whatever happened was for the Good, Whatever is happening is for the Good and Whatever will happen will be for the Good !”


Arunendu Saha

( Complied from publicly available material )

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