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“Me Time “

Today, the world is picking up on ” Me Time “as one of   Lifestyle enhancer 

Is it Good time to speak ! Yes Go ahead . Someone on the other side of the Phone spoke !

We often hear and apply the phrase as above before most unscheduled conversations begins on mobile . If someone asks this question to me , my agreement to proceed definitely means that my  time  is shareable with the other party at that instant. In lay mans terms – ” I am free to talk or spare some time  with the speaker”  Therefore, Time is an eternal and respectable resource and is always fleeting. It is always good to  utilise Time very  carefully and in a planned manner. The example that we all have a credit of 24 Hrs  at the beginning of the day is important and that it is the same time utilised by Einstien that made him a world Scientist but others are could not!

We are a victim of Time ! Is that so ?

Life begins at an instant of time and grows with Time ! Human beings are the only creature  who has been adequately empowered by nature to think sensibly ! This is where the Time management creeps in along with Energy Management !

Every Individual has a choice to make as to how he/she will spend that 24 Hrs. in a day, which generally spreads into 3 time segments : Family , Work and Sleep. If not equally portioned , it varies by choice and circumstances keeping the priorities intact.

Where is my Time ?

An explanation on what Time means to an individual and differences it can make to an individuals life is brought out.

Work : Essential and performed majorly by the bodily energy and mental energy.( Time : 8-9 Hrs.)

Sleep : It is Mandatory to have a good nights sleep to recoup the lost energy during the day’s work and stay fit Mentally & Physically. ( Time : 7-8 Hrs. )

Family : Balance period ( Average 8 Hrs.) of Time is spent with Family ,Children and and qualify as quality time. This is an interesting / critical phase in Individuals life for overall success for good Health and Life !

Work Time is generally 10 Hrs. a day with a  variation of 2-3 Hrs. An individual will need at least 6-8 Hrs. of Sleep in a day for maintaining a Good Health. That leaves us with 4-6 Hrs. in a day to be spent with Family. It is generally observed that most of the Individuals tend to have a hangover from the previous phase of day ie. ether from Sleep or  Work. In such a situation the effectiveness of the available family time spent with family reduces to 4-5 Hrs. It is certain that the Family is like a “Center of Excellence” where a the very foundation of Humanity blossoms! Therefore, it is utmost important to dedicate quality time with the Family on a continuous basis. When we speak about quality time ,it is not the total duration of time spent but the  qualitative aspect of being with family  within the time span available. What are the quality aspect of time that one should be looking at ?  For eg.  sharing / Caring, exchange of ideas, thoughts, sharing concerns etc. All members members in a Family have to be in a collaborative frame of mind to set the context for caring & Sharing. Should not be irritating with every other word spoken by any individual members however bad it may be or to ones dislike. Acceptance & Gratefulness is be the buzzword. It has to be practiscd diligently all the time.

Is there a means to control and to improve the family time ?

Yes, Me Time ! 

Me Time  is the time duration exclusive to an individual and time be preferably in the morning hours. Its like building the foundation block of self energy and repository of knowledge which empowers the day of the individual to do the right work ! An individual should be aware sate of mind and consciously cut off form any external distractions like phone , TV , friend or any kind of conversations including interactions with Family members. One should be comfortable in a sitting position with closed eyes. In this position one should be able to recall and rerun the previous days ( 24 Hrs.) activities frame by frame. The objective is to understand the Pros and Cons of each event and /or activity and the good or bad deeds /aspect if any associated with delivery in relationship or work. The understanding will necessarily give rise to  many thought provoking questions  which the individual will try to find  solutions. This is a process that will calibrate individuals at the thought and action level with reference to his/her inner conscious and lead to a course correction  if required over a period of time. The whole process have to be done consciously and by being aware of one strengths & weaknesses . This is result of an internal conversation with conscious  self  ! It is quite a simple and proven technique over the years . The process will release tremendous amount of mental energy and bring confidence  in oneself. Followed by Exercises , a mind and body coordination will re-establish to strengthen of self that will bring Peace & Happiness. This is exclusively  to improve  self to understand the need to spend improved and quality time with one’s Family !

In summary , Me time is the time devoted by an individual consciously to spend  quality time with self . Be it internal conversation or exercise  or any activity that occupies self proactively and adds value to oneself. If an Individual is confident and aware of its being in the present, it will have a compounding effect on the Family members to be motivated and quality time will follow.

Arunendu Saha



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