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Online Tutoring Services & Subject specific Tutorials

Our tutors have vast experience in teaching multiple subjects and courses. We have a widespread network of tutors spread across the globe. So, together with our content and technical team, they provide a range of tutorial services to meet the demands of clients worldwide.

Problem solving & Doubt-clearing Sessions

IntelligenceA+ conducts several Problem solving and doubt-clearing tutorials. We deliver the sessions in multiple languages and include reference materials to enhance the understanding levels of learners. Clients use our services because they lack the time and resources needed to spend on clearing different approaches to problem solving & doubts of individual learners.

Exam Tutorials

These tutorials comprise exam preparation techniques. So, clients use these services to prepare their learners before any important semester or yearly exams. Our exam tutorials include Q & A sessions, revision sessions, mock tests, and summaries. We provide both chapter-wise and subject-wise tutorials.